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Video clips bring intelligent fabrics to life

Video clips bring intelligent fabrics to life

Johannes knows that conventional decorative fabrics can be dangerous fire accelerants. He is a member of the German voluntary fire brigade and recommends fire-retardant curtains for the living room. Johannes is one of the fictional characters who appear in the new series of video clips from drapilux. With the help of these videos, the brand is aiming to make it clear how intelligent functions in textiles improve safety, hygiene, room quality and acoustics. 

“In the past, we have concentrated on communicating the brand and the innovative attributes of our decorative and upholstery fabrics solely to our trade customers in the commercial property market,” said Markus Overbeck, Marketing Director at drapilux. This was the focus of the image campaign launched in 2017 with the slogan “More than just a fabric – the ‘inner qualities’ of drapilux textiles”, which offer protection in the case of fire, reduce noise levels, neutralise odours and minimise the danger of germs and bacteria on the fabric. 


3-D miniatures illustrate the added value of drapilux textiles 

These special qualities were immortalised in symbolic representations made of fabric – a red fabric fire extinguisher and green ear defenders, a blue woven ventilator, and a pink textile disinfectant bottle – which not only succeeded in increasing awareness amongst the target group, but also drew the attention of renowned creative awards. Since then, miniatures of these exhibits have been produced using a 3-D printer. These are used primarily by the sales force as giveaways.


Intelligent fabrics for the home 

With four brand new video clips explaining these intelligent functions, the company is now changing its perspective and expanding its brand campaign to the B2C sector. For the first time, the advantages and benefits of the “air”, “bioaktiv”, “flammstop” and “akustik” product lines are explained from the point of view of the end customer.

Comic figures solve everyday problems

The videos, available on YouTube, address everyday situations in the home in a comic, light-hearted way. In the clip, the viewer finds out how they can rectify or at least significantly reduce these problems using intelligent textiles.

Interior decorators and designers help to find the right solution

Interior decorators and designers can use them to demonstrate the benefits of intelligent textiles to their customers. The one and a half to two minute clips can be embedded in websites and used in direct contact with customers for promotional purposes.

Private customers can source intelligent drapilux textiles from specialist retailers and interior designers.

drapilux Air
drapilux Akustik
drapilux Bioaktiv
drapilux Flammstop

drapilux AirHobby chef Susi hates the stubborn cooking odours lingering in her flat. Curtains with drapilux air bring a breath of freshness anytime!

drapilux AkustikPaul and his family are bothered by loud noises within their own four walls. drapilux akustik – a special fabric construction – has a positive impact on a room's atmosphere.  

drapilux BioaktivMum Laura doesn’t need to worry about germs and bacteria on the fabric of her drapilux bioaktiv curtains.

drapilux FlammstopYou hear a lot about fires caused by candles, especially at Christmas time. Fire-retardant curtains are therefore a requirement in commercial properties, but these fabrics can be used in private homes too. All drapilux textiles are treated with “flammstop”.

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