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Printable designs based on customer wishes

personalised fabrics

“We would like to have our own design on the curtains, cushions and skirtings to match our company's colour scheme.” This is a request that the textile manufacturer, drapilux, often hears from its commercial property customers – and one that can be easily fulfilled. There is now a total of 15 printable basic fabrics available, ranging from the semi-transparent fabric featuring a linen look to blackout material.

personalised fabrics

Individuality is in: drapilux has the technical expertise, flexibility and quality assurance to be able to cater to individual printing requests. “It all started with our 200° collection, which was the first time that we brought personalised fabrics onto the market that had been created as a modular system”, said sales director Hubert Reinermann. This is a principle that remains popular to this day, as the customer has complete control over how the different themes, designs, colour variations and basic fabrics are combined. 

The 200° collection is not the only opportunity that those behind the drapilux brand, who are pioneers in digital printing thanks to their modern printing machines and own design studio, offer their customers to be so flexible. There are 15 printable basic fabrics available, which include structured decorative and upholstery fabrics, block colours, semi-transparent fabrics featuring a linen look, net curtains, satin, blackout and dim-out textiles. drapilux has compiled this portfolio of printable basic fabrics as a new and more defined collection of samples. All these printable basic fabrics have now incorporated on a fabric swatch.

Basic qualities for digital print

“Anything is possible with orders from 25 metres onwards”, said sales director Reinermann. The most recent example of this would be a care home belonging to the Ev. Stifts Freiburg (evangelical social enterprise in Freiburg), which requested curtains for the cafeteria featuring an oriental design. “I developed the design whilst taking the customer's input into consideration, and then the design studio matched the colour to the flooring in the room”, said Elmar Ritter, an interior design consultant and digital printing specialist at drapilux. 

It is also possible to add intelligent functions to almost all of the flame-retardant textiles after they have been printed, such as drapilux all in one with its air-purifying and antimicrobial features.