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An outstanding brand: the German Brand Award goes to drapilux

An outstanding brand: the German Brand Award goes to drapilux

drapilux takes home a hat-trick of awards to Emsdetten. Following the German Innovation Award and the German Design Award, the brand has now been honoured with the “Winner” title for the German Brand Award in the category “Interior and Living”.

Excellent design quality! Innovative product with added value! These are the remarks from the jury panel with regards to the German Innovation and German Design Award prizes. Now Germany-based Schmitz Textiles has been given yet another prize: this time for their excellent brand strategy. Initiated by the German design and brand authority and judged by a top-class panel of experts from the brand economy and science sectors, the German Brand Award was established in order to honour unique brands and their creators.

drapilux is not only a manufacturer of upholstery and decorative fabrics with the broadest range of intelligent functions, it is also an innovator, being the brand to introduce them. Safety, hygiene, quality of space and acoustics are significantly improved by the “flammstop”, “akustik”, “air” and “bioaktiv” functions boasted by the drapilux textiles. This is clearly reflected in the corporate identity: “with its brand campaign ‘more than just a fabric’, drapilux has truly embodied the heart and soul of the brand more than ever before” said Markus Overbeck, Marketing Director, who accepted the German Brand Award in Berlin. Indeed, the “intelligence woven in” slogan is an indication of the high quality of these textiles with built-in security. This is what the brand is known for internationally.

The “inner values” possessed by the fabrics provide customers with true added value in their daily routines. This is demonstrated symbolically using fabric imitations. A fabric fire extinguisher in red, headphones made of green material, a blue, woven ventilator and a pink, textile disinfectant bottle are displayed on the website, at trade fairs and all other communication channels, showing just what drapilux stands for. The four motifs have become emblems for the unique selling points of drapilux.

“The strategy, for which the brand was so highly commended, is something that we are also looking to expand. A subsequent campaign will be starting during the course of the year”, said Overbeck.

German Innovation Award
German Design Award

drapilux takes home a hat-trick of awards to Emsdetten
Markus Overbeck

Fotocredits (right picture): Lutz Sternstein

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