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new arrivals in autumn 2017

As with all drapilux textiles, the new arrivals are also fire-retardant, and some also boast other intelligent functions. The range of fashionable colours is geared towards trendy natural shades, and drapilux has also introduced new structures and weaving techniques into its latest collection.

drapilux 764

3 x 3 trendy stripes – block look with article 764

Whether it’s wide, thin, horizontal or vertical, in a two-tone or multi-coloured look – there’s always a new take on stripes – this autumn, it’s a three-tone design in a block look. Thick, coloured stripes contrasting with transparent areas offer optimum visual cover from the outside, whilst still providing sufficient light through the window – made from tried-and-tested EasyLeno fabric. 

Featuring drapilux all in one, article 764 boasts air-purifying and anti-bacterial functions. The three colourways have been specifically geared towards the “Health and Care” target group. Three-coloured colourways make up the striped design: delicate pastel tones in yellow/terracotta, natural, and mint, and also feature less dense white areas. 

drapilux 155

Not at all chequered – article 155: large, repeated checks

The asymmetric checks in article 155 are by no means small, and boast a modern and exquisite look. The wonderful surface structure with a shimmering look can be used in a variety of areas, for example in the healthcare industry, in hotels or on ships. 

The new check article 155 is now available in five colourways: colour schemes 11 and 18 are bright and friendly and are well suited to use in healthcare and nursing care. Bold coral and orange colourways (colourway 13) and the on-trend shades of aqua (colourways 15 and 16) are used for modern lifestyle hotels – adding an eye-catching touch to the design of the room. 

drapilux 234

Twice as nice with two-tone – article 234 in different shades of one colour

A large range of colours is used for article 234 – 36 light, medium and dark shades make up the range. Thanks to the square warp and weft weaving technique, a piece-dyed fabric is created boasting an even, linen-like, two-tone fabric in a completely new quality. The medium and light shades, in particular, highlight the linen look. The somewhat muted, natural tones emphasise the natural character of the textiles.

Fire-retardant and the very best technical properties, as well as a large selection of colours mean that the fabric can be used for every furnishing concept – ranging from a stylish design hotel, luxurious yacht to furnishing a healthcare property.

drapilux 246

The perfect way to darken the room for peaceful sleep – dim-out function with article 246

Article 246 is a newly structured piece-dyed fabric in the dim-out range: anionic/cationic FR yarn creates a natural and pleasant two-tone look. The technical values of the fabric mean that it can be used in a variety of ways, for example as curtains, bedspreads and cushions in the furnishing concept.

A total of 23 colourways create a comprehensive colour palette, focussing on natural and near-natural shades: the majority of the colourways range from natural shades – white, light grey, grey, anthracite, black, mocha, grey brown and linen – to creamy beige. The collection also features earthy and clayey mixes of yellow/terracotta/rust as well as trendy blue/aqua/petrol and green shades.