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#good2know - Episode 3

Intelligence woven in

The market for intelligent textiles will continue to grow over the next few years and will become more important. Even today, there are many areas of application for smart textiles. For the German manufacturer – drapilux – this means providing functions and individualising textiles in order to stand out from the classic mass products on the market.

Ralf Bosse evaluates the situation and looks into the future:

At drapilux, we are continually checking functions and processes in other industrial areas. For example, we introduced the plasma process which, until now, has mainly been used in handling plastic films as a standard process for finishing textiles.

This is Schmitz-Werke’s strength: 

We are a company that focuses on innovations. Besides taking part in research projects, we have built up and worked closely together with a network of universities, institutes, auxiliary equipment suppliers, mechanical engineers and other textile companies. Consequently, we are continually coming up with new ideas and concepts that are used to develop our fabrics.

We are currently working on a new process with the Fraunhofer institutes that is able to deposit, i.e. separate, atomic layers of functional materials on fabrics. The Atomic Layer Deposition process would enable all materials from the basic periodic table to theoretically be deposited on yarns and fabrics, thus creating completely new degrees of multifunctionality.

In the past, the focus of development was mainly on yarns and fabric constructions, whilst today it is about combining functions through new textile auxiliary agents and processes. The goal is to develop the best possible degree of multifunctionality. 

The advantage of being located in Germany is clearly the innovative power of research and the industry. We are well positioned in this network and will continue to develop this in the future.


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Ralf Bosse, Production manager at Schmitz-Werke
intelligent functions

Ralf Bosse

Production manager at Schmitz-Werke I 30 years in the company I Expert for intelligent functions

Even early on in his career, Ralf Bosse was involved in developing new functions for drapilux fabrics and making them suitable for mass production. His task is to ensure that standards are adhered to during development. He is also responsible for guaranteeing that drapilux textiles meet the qualitative requirements of the market. As he works very closely with sales and marketing, he is quick to learn exactly what customers are looking for.