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#good2know - Episode 2

Intelligence woven in

Did you know that the intelligent additional application – drapilux all in one – is unique across the whole world? Since the development, drapilux has been the only textile manufacturer to offer an air-purifying effect (drapilux air) and an antimicrobic function (drapilux bioaktiv) in one.

As Ralf Bosse explains, there are many reasons for this:

During the development phase we faced the challenge of combining two functions that would precisely coordinate with one another. The binder system of drapilux air had to be constructed in such a way that it did not interfere with the active substance of drapilux bioaktiv. Additionally, any adjustments had to avoid having a negative impact on the flame retardency and look of the fabric. We invested a lot of time in meeting these requirements. Nobody has been able to copy it. 

But it is not just drapilux all in one that is unique: Schmitz-Werke has patented the additional application drapilux air within Europe. That means that we are the only company on the European market to offer decorative fabrics that boast an air-purifying function as well as being flame retardant.

You can find out about where intelligent textiles will go in the future in episode 3.

Episode 1

Ralf Bosse, Production manager at Schmitz-Werke
intelligent functions

Ralf Bosse

Production manager at Schmitz-Werke I 30 years in the company I Expert for intelligent functions

Even early on in his career, Ralf Bosse was involved in developing new functions for drapilux fabrics and making them suitable for mass production. His task is to ensure that standards are adhered to during development. He is also responsible for guaranteeing that drapilux textiles meet the qualitative requirements of the market. As he works very closely with sales and marketing, he is quick to learn exactly what customers are looking for.