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#good2know - Episode 1

Intelligence woven in

drapilux is well known for intelligent textiles in commercial properties. The fabrics are not only flame-retardant, but, thanks to drapilux air, also keep unpleasant odours at bay, whilst drapilux bioaktiv kills germs and bacteria on the textiles. How do these fabrics become intelligent?

Ralf Bosse explains: 

The secret behind the air-purifying drapilux air function is a mix of several active ingredients. To be more precise: metal salts and organic nitrogen compounds. These are specially designed to break down defined chemical compounds. They are able to absorb harmful substances and odours and then adsorb them, meaning they are eliminated. The metal salts and organic nitrogen compounds must be treated with a binder that is suited to drapilux fabrics in order for them to be able to cling to textile fibres. This is achieved with the help of a dosing system that always combines all components in the same mixing ratio, thus creating a homogenous finish. It is at this point where the function is applied to the fabric: they are dipped into the finishing bath and then put through a squeezing mangle in the foulard, a special machine that dyes, glazes and proofs fabrics. After this bath, the fabric is then dried and condensed in a stenter under specific temperature conditions. 

The process is a little simpler for fabrics featuring drapilux bioaktiv. The bioactive substance that breaks down germs and bacteria on textiles by up to 99% has a high affinity to fibres. Even without using an extra binder, the agent clings to the textile. Just like with drapilux air, this is mixed using a dosing system to create a finish suitable for drapilux fabrics. This is applied in the foulard and then dried in the stenter.

Best of all: drapilux all in one combines both functions in one. You can find out more in episode 2

Ralf Bosse, Production manager at Schmitz-Werke
intelligent functions

Ralf Bosse

Production manager at Schmitz-Werke I 30 years in the company I Expert for intelligent functions 

Even early on in his career, Ralf Bosse was involved in developing new functions for drapilux fabrics and making them suitable for mass production. His task is to ensure that standards are adhered to during development. He is also responsible for guaranteeing that drapilux textiles meet the qualitative requirements of the market. As he works very closely with sales and marketing, he is quick to learn exactly what customers are looking for.