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German Design Award: three awards for drapilux

German Design Award: three awards for drapilux

There were three “special mentions” at the coveted German Design Award 2021 for drapilux, a brand of Schmitz Textiles from Emsdetten, which is based in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. The awards went to the following fabrics: the timeless all-rounder drapilux 809, the minimalist design drapilux 188 and the epitome of piece-dyed fabrics drapilux 115.

 “We feel particularly honoured that, despite the COVID-19 pandemic, three of our products were successful in receiving awards from an international jury”, said a very happy Hubert Reinermann, drapilux Sales Director, when the awards were announced. The members of the jury were unable to feel the fabrics physically this year due to the voting session taking place virtually. They had to resort to relying on photos and additional information. “We wish to pass on our special thanks and congratulations to our design studio as well as the technical development department and production team”, said Reinermann, praising the work of the different teams. 

drapilux is one of the leading international textile manufacturers for commercial properties and is a pioneer in matters of intelligent additional functions. The company specialises in the fields of office & education, hospitality, healthcare and maritime. The German Design Award is recognition of drapilux’s success in setting new benchmarks in design. A jury of experts chose the three fabrics for a “special mention” as a result of their outstanding quality of design.

German Design Award: three awards for drapilux
German Design Award: three awards for drapilux
German Design Award: three awards for drapilux

Further information on the winning fabrics

A special mention for drapilux 809 in the “Excellent Product Design – Home Textiles and Home Accessories” category

The new series of drapilux 809 pays homage to Anni Albers who achieved international fame as an artist from the Bauhaus school of thought. After encountering initial difficulties in weaving, she developed her own design language, which consisted of abstract, geometric criss-cross patterns that were reduced down to their most basic form. Accordingly, drapilux 809 is printed with oversized, isosceles triangles. The colour scheme, in smoky pastel and neutral shades with low colour saturation, together with the simplified shapes, are very muted. The jury based their decision as to the winner in the Excellent Product Design category on the timeless triangular pattern inspired by the Bauhaus school of design: “The fabric can be easily integrated into the design language found in many modern furnishing interiors, creating an elegant atmosphere.” 

A special mention for drapilux 188 in the “Excellent Product Design – Home Textiles and Home Accessories” category

The minimalist pattern with the generous repeat (184 cm long x 15.5 cm wide) of this fabric is dedicated to another Bauhaus-inspired artist – Benita Koch-Otte. The warp and weft of the fabric are the same colour; the actual pattern is achieved solely by making a change in the weave. The fabric is also manufactured in muted colours. Thanks to its downscaled design, which is reminiscent of the on-trend Scandinavian look, the fabric is suitable for use in hotels as well as in offices and the healthcare sector. According to the jury, the fabric is both modern and of high quality. 

A special mention for drapilux 115 in the “Excellent Product Design – Home Textiles and Home Accessories” category

The special look of this decorative fabric comes from the bicoloured aspect. The woven textile is dyed in a complex cationic/anionic process. Besides the fact that some of the yarns that go to make up this fabric have been recycled and the material boasts flame-retardant properties, this fabric series takes top marks in terms of piece-dyeing. The fabric is available in 36 shades of modern colours such as powder pink, aqua, petrol, olive green as well as coral and orange. “This decorative fabric stands out due to its particularly high-end look. An interesting material for elegant interior furnishing concepts”, commented members of the jury.

About the German Design Award

The German Design Award is a premium international prize awarded by the German Design Council. Their aim: to discover, present and honour unique design trends. Every year, top-class submissions from product and communication design are honoured, all of which are pioneering in their own way in the international design landscape. The German Design Award, which started in 2012, is one of the most highly acclaimed design competitions worldwide and enjoys a high level of recognition within the industry and beyond.



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