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Five questions for - Michael Räumschüssel, Bültmann Objekt GmbH

Five questions for - Michael Räumschüssel, Bültmann Objekt GmbH

Since 2014, Michael Räumschüssel has been Managing Director of Bültmann Objekt GmbH, a company founded by his grandfather 43 years ago. The family-run business has six members of staff, and mainly furnishes properties in southern Germany. Floral patterns and stripes from the we care and CareComfort collections are particularly popular designs in residential care homes furnished by Michael Räumschüssel.

What are the main criteria for choosing a fabric? 
In a nutshell: the purpose, great design and the allocated budget. When it comes to the healthcare sector, the ability to block out light and protect people from the sun are particularly important. In offices, acoustics have to be just right, and nets and curtains have to give off a homely atmosphere in old people’s homes. The design also plays a key role. Together with Mr Ritter, we equipped various youth hostels for the Baden-Württemberg Youth Hostel Association, and used many items from the 200° collection. The greatest advantage of this collection is that the customer can become the designer. For instance, is a particular pattern needed in a special colour on a desired basic material? This is no problem whatsoever with the 200° collection. Last but not least, textiles should also fit in with the budget.   


Why is textile interior design of a property so crucial?
It’s because fabrics create a homely atmosphere in a room, as well as enhancing it optically and acoustically, and adding to the overall design.

"Textiles are simply unbeatable when it comes to acoustics. Intelligent functions also provide a better atmosphere."

What is more important: form or function? 
Flame retardancy is a must. I think that intelligent additional functions like those offered by drapilux are great and should always be used. For our customers, however, design is usually more important. The great thing about drapilux is that you can expect both form and function. Article 835 from the we care collection is an absolute bestseller. It boasts drapilux air and drapilux bioaktiv, and is available in various floral patterns. The wonderful article 888 from the CareComfort collection is just as popular and we have used it, for example, at the Haus im Wiesengrund evangelical senior citizen’s centre in Albershausen, Germany. This features a dandelion clock print. Articles 751, 752 and 754 are great options for those who prefer stripes.
A classic office item is article 117 that boasts great acoustics. The 132 fabrics also create very modern and classic looks.

Why do you like working with drapilux fabrics?
Because drapilux listens to and implements customer wishes, offers great value for money, and has fast delivery. Even ordering customised items is a quick and simple process. 


What does the property market of the future look like?
Demand is and will continue to be high. Old people's homes and hospitals are becoming more attractive, there will be many new builds to furnish, and existing ones will be refurbished. On the whole, they are becoming more design-oriented. The abstract dandelion clock design also appeals to a younger target audience, for example.