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drapilux recommendation of the month March: Rich velour

drapilux recommendation of the month March: Rich velour

It is essential to block out light in order to have a peaceful night’s sleep. The new drapilux 171 blackout fabric is not only perfect for blocking out daylight, it also creates a cosy atmosphere in guest rooms. This is primarily due to the surface of the floor-to-ceiling velour fabric: the surface of the fabric has a soft pile, and the fibres can be combed in any direction. Even the extensive range of colours, comprising 33 different shades, exudes a feeling of tranquillity. The focus is on neutral shades on the one hand and on rich, and bright on-trend colours on the other. The classic colour – bordeaux – is also featured. The range comprises 32 block colours, and the last one in this group features a modern-looking floral print. Instead of the leafy pattern, it is also possible to print the fabric with a bespoke design. As a result of the soft pile, the numerous colour shades and the option to order a bespoke printed design, drapilux 171 is one of the highlights of this season’s collection.



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