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drapilux recommendation of the month August: Elegant highlights

drapilux recommendation of the month August: Elegant highlights

The special weave used in this fabric, better known as the Scherli technique, makes this decorative material a true eye-catcher. Additional effect threads are woven in according to a pattern. Fibres that are not interwoven hang loosely on the rear side of the fabric and are sheared off after weaving (Swiss term: Scherli).

drapilux article 189 85 consists of cut-off weft threads of a filament yarn, which leaves a shine compared to the matt background of the fabric. The result is a generous pattern repeat (116 cm length x 140 cm width) featuring two overlapping rectangles made up of shimmering, woven dots in a Scherli technique. The glossy dots come in trendy colours such as curry yellow, aqua, olive, powder pink and coral. The ground colours, by contrast, have been kept neutral, thereby giving the pattern a certain muted look. Consequently, this decorative fabric fits in well with an on-trend natural boho look as well as a Scandinavian minimalist interior.  This item is avaiIable in four light and three dark colourways.

drapilux 189 71
drapilux 189 76
drapilux 189 77
drapilux 189 83
drapilux 189 84
drapilux 189 85
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