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drapilux exhibits at “Seatrade Europe” in Hamburg together with Furniture Club

Seatrade 2017
Seatrade 2017

From 6th to 8th of September 2017 the “Seatrade Europe” trade fair takes place in Hamburg. With 5,000 participants and 250 exhibitors from over 50 nation it is Europe’s meeting point for the cruise industry. drapilux will jointly exhibit in Hamburg with five members of the german “Furniture Club” and presents the full range of its IMO certified fabrics.

Hubert Reinermann, sales director at drapilux, points out: “It is particularly important on board ships to comply with fire safety standards. The legislation in this field is based on the resolutions made by the IMO (International Maritime Organisation). Textiles that comply with these requirements receive IMO certification. drapilux maritime fabrics have achieved this certification and can, therefore, be used on board ships without hesitation.” Reinermann adds: “Of course, the intelligent functions offered by our fabrics are ideal for our customers in the maritime industry since they make textiles into much more than just a means of decoration.”

drapilux exhibits jointly with five other members of the „Furniture Club – Made in Germany e.V.“, an association of proficient furniture manufacturers and suppliers to the furniture industry. The medium-sized companies stand for distinctive quality, innovation and reliability. As international partners, they pass these valuable benefits on to their customers, and thus, create competitive advantages. Furniture Club, founded in 2012, offers a „one-stop-shop“-platform to international decision makers who are interested in winning excellent German suppliers for furniture retail and contract business as well as for the furniture industry. The network extends far beyond the member companies.

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