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Be bold with colour!

Be bold with colour

Various industry events rang in the new year for textiles during the first quarter of 2018. It is at these events that architects, interior designers and furnishers regularly come together to gain new inspiration. This includes Kirstin Herrmann, head of the drapilux design studio, who discovered the new trends for 2018 at such showrooms and events: 

“The main thing I noticed was all the bold colours. Strong colours have finally returned to the world of textiles!” the designer reported of her impressions. "There are still lots of nuanced colours featured in the programme – but the colour combinations have become more innovative and bold."

Be bold with colour

The wide range of patterns and designs was also very impressive: animal prints which, themselves, make a statement or also in combination with floral elements – in a nutshell, the use of “animal” designs to create an exotic interior design. Large-scale, graphic patterns are the modern alternatives to the long-standing bestsellers such as stripes, colour gradients or classic embellishments. Multicoloured faux block colours were also the ‘in’ look, whilst printed designs featuring a three-dimensional effect have returned with a completely new take.

There are so many new ideas and bold styles – based on these impressions from the drapilux designer, we can expect exciting textiles in the months ahead!