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Award-winning textiles and sound absorbers

Award-winning textiles and sound absorbers

drapilux has won the 2020 German Design Award for no less than four products – three fabrics and one sound absorber. A stunning achievement for the textile manufacturer.

drapilux is one of the major textile manufacturers in Europe and a pioneer of intelligent functions. The 2020 German Design Award is further recognition of the Emsdetten-based company’s success in setting new benchmarks in design. The international judging panel selected drapilux 125 acoustic fabric, drapilux A1 sound absorber, drapilux 132 Series 60 decorative fabrics and drapilux 189 as winners on account of their outstanding design. “Congratulations go to our design studio, as well as the technical development and production departments, as the results clearly impressed the judges. We are absolutely thrilled that no less than four of our products have won awards,” explained drapilux Head of Sales Hubert Reinermann when the decision was announced.

The drapilux A1 sound absorber and the drapilux 125 acoustic materials are both winners in the category “Excellent Product Design – Office Furniture”. Acoustic properties and sound absorption play a particularly vital role in open-plan offices. With the drapilux sound absorbers, the textile manufacturer launched a product at the start of the year that is unlike anything else previously seen on the market. The flexible elements that enhance acoustics can be integrated into existing architecture and also offer completely new design options. Unlike conventional absorbers, the award-winning drapilux A1 sound absorber is attached to movable metal rails by means of magnets. As such, they can be flexibly mounted as groups on walls, ceilings or, for example, (cupboard) doors. Furthermore, the fabric covers boast air-purifying and antimicrobial properties, meaning that they help facilitate healthy ambient air in addition to their acoustic benefits. In their decision, the judges highlighted the low weight of 950 grams, the ease of use and the wide variety of possible applications thanks to the large selection of covers. This is reflected in their closing statement: “A smart solution that lends rooms a unique atmosphere.”

drapilux 125
drapilux Schallabsorber A1

In the opinion of the judges, the state-of-the-art drapilux 125 decorative fabric promises outstanding acoustic values (sound absorption class A, DIN EN 11654) by virtue of its unique texture. This is literally visible on the surface, with the waffle weave creating a strongly textured fabric appearance. Fabrics with this weave are soft and have a puffy feel. Due to their three-dimensional aspect, they boast exceptional acoustic properties. The range comprises 13 colours and caters for the grey/white/neutral colours which are typical for this field, as well as on-trend colours. As a result, it is highly versatile. According to the judges, the material also exudes premium character.

drapilux 189 and drapilux 132 Series 60, two decorative fabrics, picked up awards in the category “Excellent Product Design – Home Textiles and Home Accessories”. drapilux 189 is proof that interiors in the healthcare segment no longer have to sacrifice good design. It was made using the “Scherli technique”, meaning that additional effect threads are woven in according to a pattern. Fibres that are not interwoven hang loosely on the rear side of the fabric and are sheared off after weaving (Swiss term: Scherli). This is the very reason why the textile was declared a winner by the judges. “This decorative material derives its character from a special kind of weave. The contrast between the matt base material and the slightly glossy areas lends the material a sophisticated appearance that extends to the setting.”

drapilux 132 Series 60 was primarily developed with hotels in mind. The idea was to create a semi-transparent fabric that stakes its claim in modern, big-city hotels through its contemporary and sometimes highly urban designs. The base fabric exhibits a homely yet extremely modern and robust character that is perfect for the intended settings. “The slightly transparent decorative fabric partitions the room but lets in ample light, thus retaining an open sense of space. The designs come across as modern, understated, warm, and friendly,” concluded the judges in their state on drapilux 132 Series 60.

The awards ceremony will be held on 7 February 2020 as part of the international consumer goods fair Ambiente 2020 in Frankfurt.

drapilux 189
drapilux 132 Serie 60

About the German Design Award

The German Design Award is a premium international prize awarded by the German Design Council. Their aim: to discover, present and honour unique design trends. High-quality product and communication design submissions, the creators of which are all pioneers of their field in international design, are awarded prizes every year. The German Design Award, which started in 2012, is one of the most highly acclaimed design competitions worldwide and enjoys a high level of recognition within the industry and beyond.