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5 questions for Torsten Jacques

5 questions for Torsten Jacques

In the eyes of its customers, Zoom GmbH has been an exceedingly well networked partner for room design for more than 25 years. In partnership with tradesmen, architects and industry, the interior decorating company provides a full service – from initial consultation to the final assembly. They are experts in privacy shields, sun protection, soundproofing and interior design, and our main clientele are either from the healthcare sector or office related.


  1. What are your main criteria when choosing a fabric?

High-quality fabrics and a good design are especially important to us. Due to the fact that furnishing hospitals is one of our main areas of activity, we mainly look for durable and practical fabrics. Furthermore, the materials sold to these customers are mostly either white or grey, meaning that it is essential to be able to offer a wide selection of neutrals as well as different material compositions. 


  1. When exactly do you take a decision on which fabric to go for during the interior design stage?

At the planning stage when the colours and materials are chosen. We give the architect a selection of possible fabrics and also given them advice on specific products. It is the architect who makes the ultimate decision. 


  1. Why do you find that the textile interior design of a property is so crucial?

Because it is the simplest link between the functional and aesthetic aspects. Curtains create a cosy atmosphere, yet are also there for privacy and to keep out the sun. In addition, they improve the acoustics of a room. 


  1. What is more important – the design or the function of a fabric?

Both are important. A great fabric is a symbiosis of design and function.


  1. What do you like so much about drapilux textiles?

Firstly, the additional intelligent functions which, for instance, gives a specific fabric air-purifying and antibacterial properties. This is extremely important for our customers in the healthcare sector. drapilux also has a large selection of acoustic fabrics. Particularly noteworthy is the fact that the reverberation time is extensively tested and the results are well documented. This allows us to suggest the appropriate item for our customers quickly and easily. 

And then there are the subjects of good value for money and not having to wait for long periods to receive the item in question. In some cases, we need to get our hands on large quantities of fabric at short notice, and drapilux is generally able to provide several products which they have in stock in sufficient quantities.

Apart from that, our aim is to have satisfied customers at all times. This is always the case with fabrics from drapilux because the fabrics are checked in Emsdetten for any faults in the weave, meaning that we are sent suitable and faultless goods. 


5 Fragen an Torsten Jacques