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5 questions for - Toni Gebhart, Weidenberg Germany

5 questions for - Toni Gebhart, Weidenberg Germany

He has been a market success for 26 years with his drapery business: Toni Gebhart, Managing Director of the medium-sized company "Gebhart TOG Toni Gebhart e. K." ( It is the No. 1 address in Weidenberg, close to Bayreuth in northern Bavaria, when it comes to interior furnishings, home living ambience and sun-shading fabrics. Toni Gebhart has relied on drapilux for years for his drapes and curtains. It is not just because of the price, the performance or the very high quality– for him, drapilux symbolises a family. 

What are the main criteria for choosing a fabric? 

It is both a statutory and basic requirement for properties to have fabrics that are flame retardant– and drapilux is a pioneer when it comes to flame-retardant materials. From my experience, aesthetics play a key role for architects, but it is important not to forget the function of the property being built. For example, we are often asked the question as to whether the textiles can be washed at 60℃.. This is an important criteria for hospitals and care homes since there are significant differences among manufacturers. An intelligent additional application that I really recommend is the air-purifying function of drapilux air fabrics, and eco-friendly fabrics are also currently very on trend. I decide on a suitable fabric based on this information. 


Why is textile interior design of a property so crucial?

There has been a trend in healthcare institutions over the past few years towards increasingly investing more of the available budget into things such as doors or hospital beds, and neglecting textiles. In my opinion, this is misguided as curtains and drapes are not just there as an aesthetic feature – they offer privacy and anti-glare protection as well as a homely and even healing atmosphere. Let us take the hotel-style hospital that we furnished in Bad Griesbach as an example. Our client recognised just how crucial textiles are in this environment. The reason for this is a study which proves that patients who stay in an environment which increases their feelings of well-being become well again more quickly. 


What is more important: form or function? 

That really depends. Acoustics play a major role in schools, for example. Here, I would usually choose item 243; a plain, opaque dim-out material by drapilux featuring very good acoustic properties that also works well in hospitals and hotels. 

"The new boutique collection by drapilux is yet another structured dim-out material in their range which is very popular with clients too."

Why do you like working with drapilux fabrics?

Well, the products are manufactured in Emsdetten and offer good value for money. 
The quality is spot on. That has always been the case with drapilux! 
Also because the brand moves with the market. The CEO even comes by personally to talk face-to-face. I find it great to be brought on board concerning new developments. That was the case with the item Dim-out 262, for example, an article which I helped inspire. For me, drapilux is part of a big family. The back-office staff are always friendly and the sales force, particularly Mr Böck, are simply phenomenal. Every query is answered quickly and professionally. 


What does the property market of the future look like?

We are currently furnishing a particularly high number of care homes – we have recently finished no less than five. I think there is still great demand in this area.