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5 questions for - Thorsten Stoffel, Essen Germany

Thorsten Stoffel

MASTO DEKORATIONEN GmbH & Co. KG  based in Essen, Germany, has a long history. The company has been a specialist for exclusive interior design furnishings for 34 years and has its own in-house sewing workshop. Nowadays, it is Thorsten Stoffel, Reiner Stoffel and Tanja Alznauer (née Stoffel) who pull the strings. Quality is important to the three entrepreneurs: MASTO is one of the first interior design companies in Germany, which are members of the respective guild, to receive the highly coveted seal of approval from qih (association for quality craftsmen).

Thorsten Stoffel revealed which material properties his company, which is active throughout Europe, find most important and why he likes working with drapilux. 

What are the main criteria for choosing a fabric?

That depends on where the fabric is to be used. However, there are three decisive factors: feel, aesthetics and quality. This means: how soft and how flowing is the material? Special drapilux fabrics have a very simple, timeless look. They are perfect for commercial properties as they are not as quirky as the textiles which people have at home. And drapilux offers superb quality. The textiles we use for our commercial properties must be washable at 60 degrees. Sometimes our customers also ask for special functions. 


Which functions are those?

Acoustics play a key role as they significantly contribute to the atmosphere and comfort factor of those living or working on the premises. It is just another reason why textile furnishings are so invaluable in properties. There are also antibacterial and air-purifying additional applications that we offer upon request. 

drapilux is a reliable partner.

Why do you like working with drapilux fabrics?

drapilux is a reliable partner. Delivery times are short, queries are dealt with quickly and without unnecessary bureaucracy. Errors rarely occur, and the fabrics produced look exactly like the samples. 


Which fabrics do best on the market? 

All of the drapilux collections are reliable, consumer-oriented and sell well. 


Do you have any examples of properties you have furnished with drapilux textiles?

Lots! Examples include the Schwarzwald-Baar medical clinic in Villingen-Schwenningen, Germany, or two geriatric centres in Vienna – the Baumgarten nursing home and the geriatric centre in Donaustadt. The fabrics are also used in administrative buildings like the headquarters of Henkel, where the outstanding drapilux akustik 117 article has been used featuring a wave tape.