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5 questions for Kornelia Lienemann

5 questions for Kornelia Lienemann

Kornelia Lienemann has been working for the evangelical Protestant foundation in Freiburg ever since 1996. She is in charge of purchasing, domestic management, technical services as well as negotiating contracts and taking care of building works on site. The non-profit organisation, which provides extensive services in the care sector, has numerous properties throughout the south-west of Germany. It is the umbrella organisation for 15 retirement homes as well as five domiciliary care services for the elderly, which stretch from Lake Constance on the Swiss border, the Black Forest and to Karlsruhe further north. The foundation has been working successfully with drapilux for over 20 years. 

  1. What are your main criteria when choosing a fabric?

Quality and design are key. The fabrics have to fit in with the remainder of the furnishings but need to be practical too. It is important, especially in the care sector, that textiles are durable as it is quite possible, for instance, that they get stuck in the window frame. Furthermore, they need to be easy-care so that they can be washed frequently.  

  1. What do you like so much about drapilux textiles?

The creativity of the design team, the huge selection of different fabrics and the option to tailor a fabric to accommodate individual tastes. They bring out new collections with innovative designs on a regular basis. I enjoy taking a look at the latest arrivals and being inspired. The great thing about it is that if we like a particular pattern but need it in a different colour to coordinate with our colour scheme, this does not pose a problem for drapilux. What is more, there is a whole range of base fabrics with different qualities which can be printed with our own patterns. For example, we created our very own pattern together with the drapilux design studio for the oriental coffee shop in the evangelical Protestant nursing home in Bretten, which echoed the overall theme. And we had curtains printed with musical notes to hang in our rock ’n roll coffee shop in the retirement home in Stockach. 

We are extremely happy with the advice that we were given. As a textile manufacturer, drapilux is unique because of the numerous fabrics and designs, plus they accommodate customers’ wishes and preferences.

  1. Why do you find that the textile interior design of a property is so crucial?

In the nursing care sector especially, textile design plays a significant role. On the one hand, there are practical reasons for this: curtains and nets offer privacy and enhance the room acoustics. On the other, fabrics create a cosy atmosphere in a room, thus making it feel homely. This, in turn, helps the resident to feel more at home. Residents suffering from dementia, in particular, often associate curtains with a homely feeling, as they are accustomed to curtains in their own homes. 

  1. Which properties or particular areas have been furnished with drapilux fabrics?

All the curtains throughout our properties are made from drapilux fabrics. They have been used in both the administration buildings as well as in our nursing homes. Thanks to the huge variety, we have found the right fabric for areas ranging from the canteen, offices, residential areas, cafés, residents’ bathrooms as well as recreation areas for staff. 

  1.  What is the reaction of your residents, visitors and/or staff to the textile interior design? 

All the feedback received is exceedingly positive. They not only praise the overall interior design and colour schemes but specific fabrics and patterns too. Bespoke prints, in particular, such as the ones mentioned above in our oriental coffee shop and rock ’n roll café are really popular.



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