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5 questions for - Christin Mantzel-Stehling, Hagenow

Christin Mantzel-Stehling

Three generations all work under one roof at Raumausstatter Mantzel ( – a real family business based in the south-west of the Mecklenburg region in Germany that attracts commercial property customers from far and wide. In 2005, Christin Mantzel-Stehling became a partner in her parents’ company. Her 18-year-old son is also completing a decorating apprenticeship and may even take over the company himself one day. The core business of the team of seven lies in furnishing nurseries, hospitals, schools and care homes. 

You are currently focusing on furnishing care homes. Why is that?

That’s right. For example, we recently furnished two DOMICIL care homes in the Billstedt and Jenfeld areas of Hamburg, as well as another in Lübeck. A lot of new builds are emerging as a result of the continuing demand for age-appropriate housing. We are also witnessing a number of post-reunification buildings, which are now having to be renovated after 20/25 years. 


What are the main criteria for furnishing these properties? 

A uniform colour and furnishing concept is often required for organisations with multiple facilities in order to create recognition value. Then it’s down to us to suggest appropriate materials for the concept. Depending on the site, these could, for example, be softly flowing wave curtains or fixed curtain panels. 


Which materials did you choose for the properties in Hamburg, for example?

We used materials produced by drapilux: both a delicate and airy net curtain fabric and article 114, dyed according to customer specifications, making it a real all-rounder. The materials are also flame-retardant (a must for the property), colourfast and lightfast, as well as being anti-pilling. 


Why do you like working with drapilux fabrics?

drapilux has a great selection – particularly of its block-coloured materials. The dim-outs are especially well received amongst our customers. The textiles also often come equipped with intelligent additional functions. Thanks to drapilux air, the net curtain fabrics and article 114, for example, are air-purifying. Our customers are always amazed that there is such a thing!

Furthermore, drapilux is just a great company, and we maintain close contact with their representatives. Every query is dealt with promptly, the quality is good and we also like the fact that it is manufactured here in Germany. 

Which fabrics do best on the market? 

All of the drapilux articles sell well. I’m personally very fond of the block colours, because they are so timeless and because drapilux offers such a great range of colours.