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5 questions for Arnold Schreiner, Germany

5 questions for Arnold Schreiner, Germany

For more than 40 years, Arnold Schreiner has been working for interior finisher stinova ( and is responsible for purchasing and sales. The company was founded as a family business in 1966 in Achern, in western Baden-Wuerttemberg. stinova brings together all its major specialist workshops under one roof and is therefore able to carry out interior finishing and architecture projects, from planning to turnkey assembly.


1. What are your main criteria when choosing a fabric?

That depends on the project.  The customer expresses a wish or has specific requirements,  which we then use to find a fabric to suggest to the customer. We only work with drapilux textiles and always have samples of all the collections available so that the customer gets a good impression of the fabric.


2. What is more important: form or function?

Since all drapilux fabrics are flame retardant, as is prescribed in the contract sector, they fulfil our customers’ basic requirements in terms of the function of a fabric. This is why the design plays a more decisive role.

Arnold Schreiner, Fa. Stinova

3. Which properties have you already furnished with drapilux textiles?

We are currently refurbishing and freshening up the Arosa river cruise ships. There, for example, the cabins and restaurants are being fitted with drapilux textiles. We have also worked with drapilux fabrics in retirement homes and in the Diakonie Kork clinic in Kehl.


4. Which products are particularly popular with your customers?

That varies depending on the context, property and customer. Sometimes they want a block colour, sometimes they prefer striped or patterned fabrics. Thanks to the large choice at drapilux, we always find the right product.


5. Why do you like working with drapilux fabrics?

You get great value for money and there’s a large range to choose from. The customisable printing options are a great benefit. This allowed us to have curtain fabrics printed with a template for the cabins of an Arosa river cruise ship. In addition, drapilux is very flexible and can react to requests at short notice.



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